Course detail

Diploma Project Seminar

FP-UpdsPAcad. year: 2018/2019

The task of the student is to process at least the theoretical part of his/her final thesis in demanded extent and quality.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The output and at the same time a condition for successful passing the subject is the elaboration of the theoretical part of the final thesis.

The successful passing the subject the student demonstrates his/her ability to define the problem, to organize and generalize information, to specify the main and the partial objectives and subsequently to apply an appropriate procedure / method for solving the given problem.


Knowledge and utilization of basic intellectual operations.


Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.

Recommended or required reading

POKORNÝ, J. Úspěšnost zaručena. Jak efektivně zpracovat a obhájit diplomovou práci. 2004. 207 s. ISBN 80-7204-348-X. (CS)
POKORNÝ,J. Předdiplomní seminář. 2006.58 s. ISBN 80-214-3254-3. (CS)
Aktuální směrnice děkana pro zpracování závěrečných prací
Literatura doporučená vedoucím práce dle přiděleného tématu práce

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The subject is based on individual consulting hours related to final theses (with a obligatory participation).

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

To pass succesfully the subject, the conditions as follows are required:
- submitting parts of the final thesis by specified terms;
- adjustments of the parts submitted according to the recommendations and instructions of the supervisor of the final thesis.

Successful passing the course is subject to the timeliness, completeness and quality of the submitted materials.

Language of instruction


Work placements

Not applicable.

Course curriculum

The subject is related to final thesis. It is based on individual consulting hours focused mainly on consulting and revision of particular parts of the final theses, presentation of the results of student´s individual work.

The subject is focused above all on processing the theoretical background of the final theses on the basis by the supervisor recommended study literature, formulation of the goals of the final thesis and the choice of the methods used within final thesis elaboration.


While using knowledge in methodology of intellectual work, way of getting, processing and using information, the task of the student is to process at least theoretical part of the final thesis. The elaborate made has to meet both formal and content requirements of the final thesis.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Submitting the requested materials in declared control days.
Absent students have to submit requested materials in an alternative term.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme BAK Bachelor's

    branch BAK-UAD , 3. year of study, winter semester, 3 credits, compulsory

Type of course unit



26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer