Course detail

General English for Intermediate Students

FEKT-MASPAcad. year: 2017/2018

The content of this course is the same as that of XAN4, the course is designed for students who did not attend XAN4 in the Bachelor's study programme.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Acquisition of new vocabulary.
Developing grammar knowledge.
Developing the language skills (reading, speaking, listening, and writing)
Introducing and revising common phrases of spoken English.
Work with technical texts.


The subject knowledge on the secondary school level is requested.


Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.

Recommended or required reading

Taylor, Liz: International Express Intermediate. New edition. Student's Book. OUP 2005
Elektronické texty k předmětu.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Teaching methods include language seminars and homework. Students have to actively participate in classes.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

75% attendance and active participation at classes, fulfilment of given assignments.
Semester test.
Final exam.

Language of instruction


Work placements

Not applicable.

Course curriculum

1. Modal verbs. Differences between British and American English.
2. Giving presentations. Reading: International Outsourcing.
3. Future arrangements and intentions. Collocations.
4. Present Continuous and 'going to'. Business communication.
5. Temporal clauses. Writing e-mails.
6. 1st and 2nd Conditionals. Phrasal verbs.
7. Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous. Job descriptions.
8. Describing a process. Interviewing techniques.
9. 3rd Conditional. Confusing words.
10. Business correspondence. 'Should' + perfect infinitive.
11. Reported speech. Collocations.
12. Technical text. Social responses.
13. Semester test.


The course provides students with the vocabulary, grammar, and functions necessary to become operational in professional and social situations.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

The content and forms of instruction in the evaluated course are specified by a regulation issued by the lecturer responsible for the course and updated for every academic year.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme AUDIO-P Master's

    branch P-AUD , 1. year of study, winter semester, 3 credits, general knowledge
    branch P-AUD , 2. year of study, winter semester, 3 credits, general knowledge

Type of course unit


Language exercise

26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer