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Braking Shield Bracket

doc. Ing. Daniel Koutný, PhD. Ing. Libor Beránek, Ph.D. Dr. Ing. Roman Růžek Ing. Ladislav Steiner Ing. Jiří Sommer Ing. Ondřej Vaverka Ing. Michal Slaný Ing. Vít Šreibr

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The subject of the project was the shape optimization of the bracket of the braking shield of a light jet aircraft with the aim of minimizing the weight while maintaining comparable deformations and the use of additively produced aluminum alloy. Thanks to the optimization of the shape, a weight reduction of 16% and a comparable rigidity of the bracket was achieved with worse mechanical properties of the used aluminum alloy (approx. -17%), at the same time there was a more even distribution of the bracket stress at maximum load. In a quasi-static test corresponding to the load on the console, it was verified that the console meets the specified conditions for both operational and numerical loads. The maximum load capacity of the console reached 338% of the number load. The functional sample thus demonstrates that even with commonly used aluminum alloys for additive production and the use of topological optimization, a more efficient shape solution of structural parts of aircraft components can be achieved.


additive manufacturing, topological optimization, braking shield

Create date

29. 6. 2021


AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. U Letiště 374 250 70 Odolena Voda

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