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A concrete bridge health interpretation system based on mutual boost of big data and physical mechanism

Duration: 01.01.2023 — 31.12.2025

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Operational inspection of concrete bridges is an important means of ensuring safe and reliable operation, and thus eliminating partial operational problems or even catastrophic accidents. It is significantly used in planning the maintenance and repair of bridges during their life cycle. Its role is also important in detecting sudden or unpredictable loads, such as earthquakes, strong winds or ship collisions. It allows to set the current limits within which the bridge can be operated. Operational control of bridges is a global topic and represents a multidisciplinary area of research in which it is necessary to integrate a number of methods and approaches to determine the current state of bridges and predict future behavior to ensure their long-term operational reliability. The project will create an operational control system based on condition monitoring and numerical simulation of the structure, both in real, respectively. virtual time and space. By monitoring the condition of the bridge, up-to-date information on the load and behavior of the structure is obtained, which is processed and interpreted accordingly. The numerical simulation will then focus on the prediction of the bridge behavior in selected time nodes, including the prediction of damage and degradation and analysis of ultimate load carrying capacity and reliability. The basis of the operational control system for concrete bridges will be to ensure the data flow between monitoring and simulation.

Bridges; concrete; reliability; health monitoring; simulation



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Novák Drahomír, prof. Ing., DrSc. - principal person responsible


Institute of Structural Mechanics
- (2022-06-23 - not assigned)

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Technologická agentura ČR - 4. veřejná soutěž programu DELTA2

- whole funder