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COMET K2 Center for Symbiotic Mechatronics

Duration: 01.01.2022 — 31.12.2026

Funding resources

Jiné veřejné zdroje než podle zák. č. 130/2002 Sb. - COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies
- whole funder (2022-06-15 - 2026-12-31)

On the project

The K2 Center for Symbiotic Mechatronics is a K2 centre covered by the COMET programme. Within the framework of the COMET competence center programme, the center is funded by the federal government (the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology - bmk and the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs – bmdw) and the State of Upper Austria. The objective is to develop a research and innovation centre for joint research work between science and industry in the field of mechatronics that aims to achieve scientific insights and results at the highest international level and with extensive innovation potential for one of the most important areas of industry, exports and research in Austria. The K2 Centre has set out a very ambitious, top-level research programme involving high development and implementation risks in order to realise the goals of the COMET programme for K2 Centres together with the best researchers, scientific partners and corporate partners. In particular, this includes bundling existing national expertise in the long term, strengthening and significantly increasing the international appeal of Austria as a research location in the long term, developing an effective international network for the centre and ensuring the centre is highly visible globally. Based on the fundamental understanding of mechatronics as a highly developed, interdisciplinary technology that integrates mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology and automation on a process, system and component level in order to achieve maximum value in terms of both science and industry, the K2 Centre will focus its research activities on carefully selected areas. These areas fully meet all requirements for the groundbreaking application of mechatronics to products and processes across various branches of industry. On this basis, the K2 Centre will make a highly important contribution to industry and science in order to implement the shared long-term research goals of its partners and to secure European locations for research, development and production. The State of Upper Austria is also giving the K2 Centre significant backing for this project.


COMET-Centre (K2), 3rd Call, 2 nd Funding Period; 886468

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People responsible

Vítek Ondřej, doc. Ing., Ph.D. - fellow researcher
Bárta Jan, doc. Ing., Ph.D. - principal person responsible



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