Project detail

Sustainable Plastic Value Chain to Support a Circular Economy Transition

Duration: 01.08.2021 — 31.07.2024

Funding resources

Czech Science Foundation - LA granty

- whole funder (2021-11-05 - 2024-07-31)

On the project

Plastics is an important class of materials, bringing many social and economic benefits. Global production of plastics reached 380Mt in 2018 (a 20-fold increase since the 1960s) and its further growth is expected. Due to the long decomposition time and low recycling rates (<30%), large quantities of plastics are accumulated in the natural environments and landfills, overuse of fossil feedstocks, as well as damage to the environment, human health and economic loss. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world, leaving significant consequences. One such serious problem is the pollution caused by plastic waste - face masks and packaging waste. The idea of the project is to minimise the mentioned negative impacts and maximise the economic value of plastics use via economically and environmentally optimal increase of the circularity and the entire plastics value chains. The degrees of freedom to exploit include Industrial Symbiosis, material and chemical recycling. The criterion of Plastic Waste Footprint will be developed for the evaluation of the plastic materials impact.

Plastic Value Chain;Raw Materials;Sustainable Energy;Plastic Waste Recovery;Degradation;Environmental Footprints;COVID-19 plastic waste



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People responsible

Arsenyeva Olga, prof., DSc., Ph.D. - fellow researcher
Fan Yee Van, M.Phil., Ph.D. - fellow researcher
Hemzal Milan, Ing. - fellow researcher
JIA Xuexiu, MSc, Ph.D. - fellow researcher
Kapustenko Petro, prof. - fellow researcher
Martincová Jana Victoria, Ing., Ph.D., LL.M. - fellow researcher
Si Chunyan, MSc - fellow researcher
Varbanov Petar Sabev, prof. Ing. Dr. habil., Ph.D. - principal person responsible
Klemeš Jiří, prof. Ing. Dr. habil., DrSc., dr. h. c. - principal person responsible


Sustainable process integration laboratory
- (2021-02-11 - not assigned)


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