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PhosFriends: How to stay alive in V4? Phosphrus Friends Club builds V4's resilience

Duration: 01.09.2021 — 30.09.2023

Funding resources

Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí ČR - International Visegrad Fund (Visegrad Grants, Visegrad+ Grants, Strategic Grants)

- whole funder (2021-09-01 - 2023-09-30)

On the project

There are several technologies for P recovery from waste and production of fertilizers, however, they are not implemented in V4. One of the reason is lack of clear information on P secondary resources and its recovery potential. Therefore, project aims to fill this gap. It includes detailed inventory of P-rich waste in V4, incl. estimation of P recovery potential. Mapping service showing the possible places of P recovery and P-rich waste will be also developed. These activities have not been done for V4 yet.


Visegrad Fund Strategic Grant ID: 22110364

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People responsible


Sustainable process integration laboratory
- (2021-01-28 - not assigned)


Smol M, Marcinek P, Šimková Z, Bakalár T, Hemzal M, Klemeš JJ, Fan YV, Lorencz K, Koda E, Podlasek A. Inventory of Good Practices of Sustainable and Circular Phosphorus Management in the Visegrad Group (V4). Resources-Basel, 2023, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 1-17. ISSN: 2079-9276.

Klemeš, J.J., Hemzal, M. Management of Phosphorus in the Czech Republic. 2nd International Conference Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation - Water, Raw Materials & Energy. 2021. ISBN: 978-83-963280-3-8.