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Primo is an one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources that are available on BUT. Now through a single search box users can search across the whole content of the library’s collection – this eliminates the time-consuming search in multiple sources.

What sources you may search via Primo?

    • Electronic Information Resources

      • articles, contributions from anthologies, e-books - sources paid by the University, ie. databases, that were necessary to be searched individually till now

    • Books and magazines from the BUT libraries

      • the entire content of the library catalogue

    • Theses and publications from BUT Digital Library

      • dissertation, thesis, journals published by the University etc.

    • Selected Free electronic information resources

What else Primo offers?

The integrated interface of Primo also enables the full management of a reader's account.

Due to the integration of the library catalogue Primo allows to request books and renew the loan of individual titles. Users can also view account status, currently borrowed books and fines.

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Any questions regarding Primo?

Please use the contact form!


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