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How to search in Primo?

You can search very easily in Primo. Just type one or more words you are looking for and click the Search button. In this case you will search in all sources: library collections, prepaid databases and BUT digital library and open access repositories.

searching in primo

Primo assumes that you are searching for all the words unless you type OR or NOT between the words and phrases.

You can specify the searching just for one collection (e.g. BUT Digital library).

The language of keywords is very important. It is better to use Czech keywords while searching in the library collection and English keywords in online databases. Most keywords of books in library collections are in Czech and keywords in online databases are in English.

If you cannot find exactly what are you looking for, or too many results are shown, you can use the advanced search.

advanced search

The Advanced Search page has search boxes to enable more flexible searching. There are limits for publication date, document type or language. You can narrow your search down to title, author, subject, standard number (ISBN, ISSN) or shelf mark.

You can also narrow your search results using the facets in the left bar – you can select the resource type, creation date, topic, collection, creator, language or journal title. You can limit your results just to peer-reviewed journals, full text online or documents available in the library. You can expand the results to online documents not available in full text. More in How to work with search results?

You can display the results in order of relevance, date, popularity, author or title.

In the list of results you can see what type of document each item is (e.g. book, dissertation, journal article etc.). The bibliographic information (title, author etc.) are shown. You can also see whether the document is available. Online documents that are available in full text can be open and read directly in the system.

primo availability

If you click on Details tab you can access detailed information about the document (the subject, detailed bibliographic information etc.)

details in primo

The search queries and search results can be saved to Favorites.

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