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List of databases

Full-text databases

These databases contain full text documents. Depending on the licence, either all documents or only the part thereof subscribed for are available.

Bibliographic and factual databases

These databases contain only bibliographic data of the source and mostly the abstracts, too. If you need a full-text document, see whether it is contained in some of the full-text databases available. If not, ask the librarian for assistance.


E-books are an electronic variant of classic printed books. They gain more and more on popularity especially in academic institutions as work with them is easier in many respects with full-text search, easy print, and copying of selected book parts, 24 hour access, etc. Because the copyright has to be respected, the whole book cannot be printed.


Reference managers

Reference managers are a tool for bibliographic record management. It is a web service helping to build, update and  search for in a "personal bibliographic database", which can be shared with other users.

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