Risk assessment and safety of systems:

  • risk identification, analysis, and assessment related to technical systems and processes using qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative methods
  • assessment of the vulnerability and resilience of systems and processes
  • safety risk related to smart technologies in transport
  • analysis and assessment of health and environmental risks according to U.S. EPA, WHO, MŽP ČR (Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic)
  • assessment of occupational safety (OHSAS, OSHA, risk analysis methods) including proposals of measures leading to risk minimization (preventive, repressive, technical, regime, individual, collective)
  • assessment of safety measures and risk management in operations dealing with nanoparticles (Control Banding, ANSES, EDF-DuPont NanoRisk Framework, Nanomaterial Life Cycle Regulation etc.), including assessment of risk related to their application and impact, e.g. on the occurrence of defects and failures, human health, and the environment

Forensic expert activities:

  • sampling, morphology, chemism, and distribution of solid particles (Optical Particle Sizer 3330, Condensation Particle Sizer, SidePak AM 520, Airchek Touch, Scanning Electron Microscope + EDX)
  • forensic activities related to the environment
  • professional competence in risk prevention in OHS

Responsibility: Ing. Michal Urbánek