Analysis of road accidents:

  • on-road vehicle testing (testing the lateral displacement, performing braking, acceleration, circular tests etc. in order to determine the input data necessary for the technical analysis of the causes of road accidents and their development)
  • vehicle impact tests to find out the deformation behaviour of the bodywork elements, the function of the passive safety elements or the behaviour of cargo and persons in a vehicle at the moment of impact – measuring and testing devices (vehicle pull starting, remote braking and control etc.)
  • development of methods for fast documentation of a road accident site (documentation of tyre marks, vehicle damage, the shape of the accident site and others)

Human factor in transport:

  • driver’s optical perception (the recognisability of various optical stimuli in real road traffic)
  • driver’s reaction to unexpected stimuli
  • distribution of driver’s attention while driving (to the surroundings, the vehicle controls, the traffic, the rear-view mirrors, the disturbing elements and others)

Mechanical Engineering:

  • identification of the limiting conditions of technical systems and the causes of their accidents


  • development of methodologies (motor vehicle valuation, setting the price of a replacement vehicle during repair and others)

Responsibility: Ing. Michal Urbánek