Institute profile

The Institute of Forensic Engineering is an independent institute of Brno University of Technology with connection to all its faculties not only in terms of teaching. It provides the Master’s degree programmes of “Real Estate Engineering”, “Expert Engineering in Transport”, and “Risk Management in Technical and Financial Systems” as full-time degree programmes and the doctoral degree programme of “Forensic Engineering” as both a full-time and a distance programme.

The institute also provides courses within a lifelong learning programme, in which subjects from the accredited programmes are taught, namely the course of „General Issues of Forensic Engineering“ and forensic engineering courses from the fields of „Property Valuation and Forensic Activities in Construction“ and „Analysis of Road Accidents, Valuation of Property and Motor Vehicles“.

The Institute of Forensic Engineering of Brno University of Technology is listed in Section II, i.e. the section of universities and institutions. Among the fields of forensic activities are „Transport, Economics, Designing, Construction, Mechanical Engineering“. Auditing expert reports are prepared, especially for the public authority bodies (courts and the police all over the Czech Republic).

Expert Engineering in Transport, Real Estate Engineering, and Risk Management in Technical and Financial Systems are very dynamic fields with good prospects offering a lot of jobs both in practice and in various areas of research and development.
Thanks to the multidisciplinary focus, the graduates find jobs across different disciplines. “

Karel Pospíšil

Head of the Institute of Forensic Engineering

Responsibility: Ing. Michal Urbánek