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Theses are the main and largest collection of the BUT Digital Library. Under Rector's Guideline no. 2/2009 of 20th March 2009 on the thesis format, publishing, and archiving, since 2009 by almost all the BUT faculties, theses have been uploaded to the university information system and on to the BUT Digital Library to be available under licence agreements.

Cooperating with the Computer and Information Services Centre and the BUT Central Library, the vice-rector for studies designed the workflow of a thesis lifecycle from the topic selection to the publishing at the BUT Digital Library. Theses from previous years available are being added to the system on a continual basis.

Further contents of the Digital Library

It is desirable that the BUT Digital Library should contain the broadest possible range of university electronic documents. Apart from the theses, the following options are currently worked on:

  • The university journal BUT News

At present, the Digital Library stores all the BUT News issues available as electronic documents.

  • Annual Reports    

Soon, all the BUT Annual Reports available in digital format will be loaded to the Digital Library.

  • Documents stipulated by Rector's Guideline no. 38/1998 on scientific writings

Summaries of doctoral theses, summaries of habilitation theses and inauguration lectures, books from the Monographs of the Technical University of Brno series.

  • Faculty materials

Conference proceedings, full-text faculty journals, and other materials offered by the faculties for publishing

  • Papers by BUT authors

Each paper must have been granted the right of being published in the author's home repository.

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