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National Authorities

In 2007, the BUT libraries started to be passively involved in a national authorities project (accepting authority records). Later on, this involvement became also active (creating and adding records).

Selected partial libraries employ trained cataloguers to create authority records with a local supervisor working in the BUT Central Library coordinating their activities thus representing the first checkpoint.

In the project, the existing bibliographic basis is being harmonized on a continual basis (relationships created between the author register and the authority basis).

Union Catalogue

Since 2008, we have been contributing to the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic, which contains data on documents and collections of the Czech libraries and other institutions.

New bibliographic records for the past month are automatically dispatched on the first day of the next month.


The BUT Central Library is an active member of the Association of Aleph Users (SUAleph). Established in the spring of 1996, SUAleph is an informal association of Czech and Slovak institutions that use ExLibris products.

Members of the association meet twice a year – in the spring and in the autumn. Traditionally, the autumn meeting is organized by the BUT Central Library. Its importance grew in 2010 when it started to chair the association.

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