We are the Computer and Information Services centre (CIS), a separate constituent part of BUT. We take care of the central information system on a daily basis, which currently includes more than 400 modules of the Apollo application and the web portal. We develop and modify the information system to suit the needs of faculties and other constituent parts of BUT.

Among other things, we also ensure the operation of the BUT backbone computer network, cloud services, telephone exchange, e-learning and the SAP economic system.

Our teams

I can safely say that we are here for the Internet, websites, applications, cloud services, emails, antivirus, payroll, passwords, accounts, scientific calculations, schedules, routers, elindexes, video tutorials, e-applications, cards, chips, e-learning, apps, software, exchanges, firewalls and wifi, tokens and fiber optics and so on.

But that would not be enough. In fact, we are here mainly to speed up the movement of human thoughts, expand your memory and be a tool for your brain. To show your ideas to the world. To bring you closer to people who have similar thoughts on the other side of the world. To allow your consciousness to travel at the speed of light 🙂. To transfer the mission of the past into the future. And all this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jaromír Marušinec

CIS director


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Responsibility: Bc. Jiřina Kapcárová