What do we do

BUT Information System

The BUT central information system consists of the installed windows application Apollo, the web application Intraportal, Studis, Teacher, E-Application, etc., and last but not least, the My BUT application for mobile phones.

Apollo is designed for employees and contains more than 250 modules for managing the study agenda, science and research agendas and BUT operational agendas. You can find the installation files and the link to the web version at https://www.vutbr.cz/is

Teacher is designed for teachers and provides a simplified access to the most common agendas of a teacher, such as the administration of subjects, creation and evaluation of assignments, administration of final theses, schedules, etc.

Studis is used by students throughout the study. It contains agendas related to enrollment, registrations, scholarships, electronic indexes, final theses or, for example, graduations.

In total, the central system consists of more than 500 modules and is fully or partially used by more than 25.000 users at all the faculties and constituent parts of BUT.

Server Infrastructure

The server infrastructure is essential for the operation of all our services. We care about its development and security. To run the central information system and other systems, we manage more than 500 physical and virtualized servers in server rooms located in 3 locations.

We manage data halls, servers, disk arrays as well as virtualization infrastructure and other technical equipment, including server operating systems.

Our infrastructure runs more than 80.000 email boxes.

Telephone Network

We take care of an extensive telephone infrastructure and a branch exchange in almost two dozen locations, across the entire BUT, numbering several thousand end devices, such as analog, digital and VoIP telephones and communicators.

We also provide back-up connectivity to the public telephone network to ensure the continued availability of public telephone services.

Emails and Cloud Services

BUT uses cloud services Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps Suite and we make sure that they work as they should.

We provide the necessary licenses and their distribution, and provide support to more than 10.000 users.

Computer Network and WiFi

We take care of the backbone computer network, which consists of more than 60.000 m of optical routes throughout Brno. It connects all BUT campuses and buildings and is connected to the CESNET network and through it to the Internet.

We also run the KolejNet student computer network with a reliability of 99.9%.

We provide interconnection with the surrounding networks and operate separate technological networks of BUT for the interconnection of individual locations of the telephone exchange.

Economic System

The SAP economic system at BUT provides an environment for work, administration and development in several different branches. These include financial accounting, controlling, asset records, human resource management, warehousing, logistics, or sales.

User Support

We provide support to users of the systems we manage, either through the helpdesk system or, for example, trainings or webinars.

Support mainly concerns school-wide systems such as SAP, Cloud Services or Elearning. Support for other parts of the information system is mostly provided by the integrators of BUT constituent parts.

Mobile Application

The BUT information system is also available for students in the form of a mobile application, which we created based on the requirements of our students.

The application includes a schedule, a map of the entire BUT or, for example, an electronic index and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


For the needs of full-time as well as distance learning support, we ensure the operation of the globally used Moodle system.

The system offers a number of tools for the organization and management of studies. It provides an environment for sharing of study materials, assignments and tests, communication with students, and more.