Organization structure

Department of Internal Systems

Ensures the development, implementation and operation of BUT's internal information system. Ensures access to relevant data in the field of education and creative activity at BUT.
Three departments are defined in the Department of Internal Systems:
Frontend Department, Backend Department and Database Department

Frontend Department
Ensures the management of all user interfaces of internal information systems, including mobile applications. Defines the methodology for the creation of user interfaces and their implementation in accordance with the uniform visual style of BUT.

Backend Department
Ensures the implementation of processes according to the defined architecture of the internal IS. Manages and sets up the integration platform as a single point of connection for other systems managed by CVIS.

Database Department
Manages and develops the BUT central database. Provides data outputs for some parts of the BUT information system, including change logging. Supervises the expansion and modification of database structures and the correct implementation of changes in the databases.


Department of Internal Systems
Computer and Information Services Centre

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