Department of Expertise in Civil Engineering and Real Estate Appraisal

The Department of Expertise in Civil Engineering and Real Estate Appraisal has three basic pillars. They are teaching, research and development, and providing expert opinion. The department offers courses for the Real Estate Engineering Master’s degree programme, the doctoral programme, courses in forensic engineering for property valuation and construction. Teaching at this department is focused on property valuation, the basics of construction, defects and failures in structures, and the law related to expert professional practice, real estate, and construction. The Institute of Forensic Engineering is the only one in the country offering such a complex educational programme with such a wide range of options of education in these fields of study. The work results in the final theses of students of the Master’s and doctoral degree programmes can be found on the university website. The department also carries out research and development projects focused primarily on specific problems from practice related to defects and failures in construction and to property valuation. A very significant part of the department’s activities is providing complicated expert opinion reports.


Department of Forensic Engineering in Construction and Property Valuation
Institute of Forensic Engineering
Purkyňova 464/118, Královo Pole, 61200 Brno 12

+420 541 148 935

Responsibility: Ing. Pavel Klika, Ph.D.