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How do I create a reference using ISBN, ISSN, DOI?

If you do not want to type in all the required fields manually, you can import the data from the fields in other databases (if available). You can use the library catalogues of Brno University of Technology, Masaryk University in Brno, Library of Congress, and the CrossRef database.

You can use the following standard numbers to identify a document:

  • ISBN for books
  • ISSN for journals
  • DOI for electronic papers

You can use the same procedure as when typing in the data manually. Note, however, that you can find the Finish Search button next to the ISBN, ISSN, and DOI fields.

After typing in and submitting the identifier of you document, you can view the relevant records. All you have to do then is click a line to fill in its data automatically.

Published: 2013-12-29

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