How did YSpace come about?

The YSpace team is an initiative of five students of the new master's program Space Applications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies BUT in Brno. The original idea was to develop a satellite mission that could be part of the European Space Agency's Fly Your Satellite program. The team from the university as well as the students involved gained valuable experience in developing technologies for the space environment.

Why join?

Be a technology pioneer, transform the future and contribute to the development of the Czech space segment in the 21st century. Join YSpace to make your resume stand out, collaborate with experts. Get to know the world, gain practical experience and build a strong network of contacts. You can do scientific research, design electronics or just focus on marketing. Whatever interest you!

Start shaping your future now

Our goals

  • Creating a platform for students to undertake space-related projects that serve as a springboard for further education provided by either the ESA Academy or other organizations such as the SAGC.
  • Implementation of the traditional form of education in similar fields of study in the form of project teaching as at prestigious technical universities.
  • Providing valuable experience to students already during their studies, where they gain a comprehensive overview of this technological field and are thus more valuable to future employers.
  • Deepening of knowledge in inter-institutional and multidisciplinary cooperation with colleagues from other universities and associations and abroad.
  • Involvement in ESA's Fly Your Satellite (FYS) program and subsequent satellite mission management.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Frequent participation of team members in training courses organized by the ESA Academy at the ESA – Galaxia educational complex in Belgium.
  • Participation in the Alpbach Summer School in Austria organized since 1975.
  • Acceptance of our paper to the European CubeSat Symposium 2023 in Lueven, Belgium.
  • Participation in the 74th International Astronautical Congress in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • Popularization of the space industry in the Czech Republic thanks to media coverage of the CIMER mission in the largest local media (Czech TV,,