How to find a book at BUT?

Primo is fully integrated with the library system Aleph and you can use it instead of the library catalogue.
You have to choose BUT Library collection if you would like to search just books from BUT libraries.

primo library collection

Fill some information about the book to the search box and click the Search button.
Results are displayed in order of relevance. You can change the order by selecting what you want in the Sorted by drop-down menu above the list of results. You can limit the results to concrete theme, authors, collection etc.

If a paper item is currently in the Library, it will say Available at and have a green dot beside it. The book can be available in different libraries, click on the Locations  to find out if there are multiple copies.

detail catalogue

The tab Locations shows you in which Library the book is available, what Call Number the book has, the loan period and if the book is ready for loan. If the document is on loan, you can request it easily by clicking on the Request  link.
Do you want to search for a book just in your faculty library? You can find the list of the libraries where the book is available in the Collection menu on the left bar. You can limit the result just to the concrete library.


Published: 2014-09-16

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