How to view the full text of the document?

If the full text of the document is available to the University, the link Full text available appears in the search results.

view online link

If you click on this link, the online source will open - the site in the database or any other site where the full text is available. To access the document from external licensed sources you need to log in via EZproxy (proxy server). Use VUT login and VUT password as your login details.

If the full text is available from multiple sources, the page of SFX service opens - you can decide in which source you want to display the full text.


If the document is not available in full text, you can ask your library to get this document.


Click on the No fulltext link link and fill in the form "Ask the library of BUT to get this document".

A librarian responsible for interlibrary loans will inform you when the document becomes available.

Published: 2014-09-18 02:00

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