How to log in to Primo?

If you want to use some of the functions of the system, (e.g. work with some external licenced databases), you need to log in.

You can do that on the top bar.

Signing in

By clicking the Sign in link you will be redirected to the BUT portal. Login data are following:

  • login: VUT login or perid (personal ID)
  • password: VUT password

BUT portal login

Why you have to sign in?

After the signing in, you can:

  • pre-set the working environment
  • save queries and results to your e-Shelf
  • set alerts on your search queries
  • work with some external licenced databases
  • use the library services (request documents, renew the loan, etc.)

Why you have to sign off?

It is advisable to sign off when you finish. Other users of the same computer will not see your search queries and cannot alter your settings.

Published: 2014-09-16 05:00

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