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Mood for wood - Neighborhood- international design workshop

Období řešení: 20.01.2020 — 30.11.2020

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MfW is an international platform for students of design degrees from V4,with the purpose of a common activity aiming at a more practical approach to design education and the development of the idea of participatory design among designers within Eastern Europe of a low level of social trust.MfW project stands out from other educational activities with its emphasis on the practical application of knowledge acquired during studies,and the realisation of workshop designs which will impact life of local communities who co-create them.Design education in V4 is strictly theoretical,majority of design departments are occupied by researchers who do not work in the profession.The subject of the project in 2020 will be neighbourhood. After 5 years of project realisation in Poznań, we change the location to the border city of Cieszyn. As part of the project, participants will make 6 pieces of urban furniture (3 on the Czech side and 3 on the Polish side). Multiculturalism, rich cultural heritage, history and interesting location of Cieszyn Silesia - the idea of a borderland city that builds bridges and is an area of common, joint activities, and not a border point - this the idea of next year's project. According to the research carried out by the Culture Department of the City of Cieszyn, Polish-Czech cross-border cooperation has so far been based mainly on bilateral agreements, often concerning joint implementation of e.g. large festivals and mass events. There is a lack of small grassroots initiatives bringing both communities together.

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design education; neighbourhood; workshop designs; urban furniture; city of Cieszyn; V4;



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Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí ČR - International Visegrad Fund (Visegrad Grants, Visegrad+ Grants, Strategic Grants)

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