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Final theses

Final thesis detail

Title: High-Resolution Multispectral 3D Scanning and its Medical Applications
Type: Doctoral Thesis
Year: 2017/2018
Student: Ing. Adam Chromý, Ph.D.
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Luděk Žalud, Ph.D.
Reviewer's: Doc. Ing. František Duchoň, PhD., doc. plk. Ing. Jan Mazal, Ph.D.
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
Department: UAMT
Study branch: Cybernetics, Control and Measurements (PK-KAM)
Language: English
State: Defended (thesis was successfully defended)
Characteristics of thesis dilemmas:
Not applicable.
Objectives which should be achieve:
Not applicable.
Multispectral 3D Scanning; Medical Quantification; Robotic 3D Scanning; Quantification
of Dermatitis; Medical Volumetry.
Both Thermal Imaging and 3D Scanning are currently rapidly progressing technologies. Both technologies has many advantages, which could be useful in medicine. Merging them together brings even more new diagnostic information, than if used separately. The aim of this thesis is development of multispectral 3D surface scanning system based on novel scanning method, using robotic manipulator equipped with laser scanner, thermal camera and colour camera. Such solution bring both flexibility and accuracy. This scanning system is further used in clinical applications in order to verify its abilities and demonstrate its advances beyond state of the art.
Not applicable.
Reason for concealment:
Not applicable.

File inserted by student Size Public version
Final Thesis [.pdf] 27.02 MB yes
Summary of Thesis [.pdf] 6.73 MB yes

Classification by leader - prof. Ing. Luděk Žalud, Ph.D.:
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File inserted by supervisor Size
posudek_vedouciho_Chromy.pdf [.pdf] 238.01 kB B

Classification by opponent - Doc. Ing. František Duchoň, PhD.:
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File inserted by the reviewer Size
Posudek oponenta doc Duchoň_Adam Chromy.pdf [.pdf] 454.88 kB B

Classification by opponent - doc. plk. Ing. Jan Mazal, Ph.D.:
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File inserted by the reviewer Size
Posudek oponenta doc. Mazal_Chromý.pdf [.pdf] 1.02 MB B

Tip: a short reference to the final thesis is also: https://www.vut.cz/en/studies/final-thesis?zp_id=105929

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