prof. Ing.

Radomil Matoušek


FME, IACS ACS – Head of sub-department

+420 54114 2298, +420 54114 3335

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prof. Ing. Radomil Matoušek, Ph.D.

Curriculum vitae

Prizing by scientific community

  • Prices:
  • 2000 Price for the Best Paper of the Euro-International Symposium on Computational Intelligence
  • 2004 Session Best Presentation Award (SCIS&ISIS 2004, Yokohama, Japan)
  • Invited lectures:
  • 2000: Germany, Zittau, Fuzzy Coloquium, Prof. R. Hampel, University of Applied Science Zittau / Gorlitz, Téma: Fuzzy Setting of GA Parameters.
  • 2004: Japan, Kyoto, Department of Energy Conversion Science, Prof. E. Matsumoto, Kyoto University, Faculty of Energy Science Téma: Non-linear regression by means of GAFIS.
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H-index: 10