Michal Jurajda


FEEC – External Cooperator

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MUDr. Michal Jurajda, Ph.D.


  • 2011

    MASAŘÍK, M.; GUMULEC, J.; SZTALMACHOVÁ, M.; HLAVNA, M.; BABULA, P.; KŘÍŽKOVÁ, S.; RYVOLOVÁ, M.; JURAJDA, M.; SOCHOR, J.; ADAM, V.; KIZEK, R. Isolation of metallothionein from cells derived from aggressive form of high-grade prostate carcinoma using paramagnetic antibody-modified microbeads off-line coupled with electrochemical and electrophoretic analysis. Electrophoresis, 2011, vol. 32, no. 24, p. 3576-3588. ISSN: 0173-0835.

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