Economic Systems Department

In cooperation with the Department of Economics and Accounting, this department primarily takes care of the SAP Economic Information System (EIS).
However, it also manages some other systems.

The main activities of the department can be divided into the following areas:
  • Management of master and system data (eg creation and setup of general ledger accounts, management of user access, generation of employee salaries, ...).
  • Development of the system (these are mainly legislative but also internal requirements for the program background and the functioning of the EIS itself).
  • User support (includes both classic professional support and periodic training, the aim of which is to constantly acquaint users with the operation of the system).
  • Coordination and development of EET Mercator cash registers (among other things, establishment of sold services, management of users and master data, etc.).
  • User support and administration of the eSpis service (eg rights allocation, checking the correct function of the system, communication with the supplier).

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Responsibility: Bc. Jiřina Kapcárová