Don't you know your BUT login or password?

  • To access the BUT Information System (hereinafter referred to as the BUT IS), it is necessary to use your login data - BUTlogin or BUT personal number (perid) and BUTpassword. BUTlogin, BUT personal number (perid) and BUTpassword is valid throughout BUT.
  • You will find the initial password for the BUTpassword creation application in your e-application, or in the delivered written "decision on acceptance". Creating a BUTpassword using the initial password is only possible once. If you have been accepted to more than one faculty, you also create a BUTpassword only once. So you only get one personal BUT number (perid) and one BUTpassword. To create access to the BUT IS, proceed as follows:
    • on the website enter your birth number and the initial password. 
    • at the end of the entire transaction, you will know your personal BUT number (perid) and the BUTpassword you have chosen for logging in to the BUT IS. Please remember the chosen VUTpassword and keep it secret so that it cannot be misused by other people. You must never share your BUTpassword or send it by e-mail. If you forget your BUTpassword, you will have to solve this problem personally at your faculty's authorized person.
  • If you already have functional university-wide login data from a previous study at BUT, continue to use them and keep the initial password in a safe place. If you have forgotten the original BUTLogin and BUTpassword, please contact an authorized person at your faculty. You can find out who it is in the third tab.